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In San Clemente, Cuenca, we have been making wines with traditional procedures since 1925

We enjoy the most appropriate conditions for the cultivation of the vine: the weather conditions, the microclimate, the low production, the composition of the clayey soils with boulders, and subsoil with a great capacity to retain nutrients and humidity. All this transmits to the wines an accentuated structure, acidity and tannin.
copa de vino

100% organic wines: from caring for the vines to making the wine

All production is organic. The harvest takes place between September and October, in three varietals, starting with the Merlot variety followed by Syrah and ending with the Cabernet.

Our limited production guarantees the selection of the best grapes

Harvesting is mechanical, with the particularity that the winery is located in the center of the farm, with the maximum distance to the furthest parcel being less than two kilometers. For this reason, from the beginning of the harvesting process until the grapes are deposited in the harvest hopper, the elapsed time is less than thirty minutes.
finca la gallega

We are a family winery founded in 1925, which works in an artisanal way to have excellent wines that champion quality products from the land of Castilla La Mancha.

At the La Gallega estate we have our own vineyards and the winery, which means that our grapes travel less than two kilometers in the entire process, from the moment we collect, process and bottle them. We also enjoy an exceptional location in the heart of
land of Castilla, in the town of San Clemente in Cuenca, which gives our wine very authentic nuances.

The wines that you will find in Vinos Talamingo respond to certain quality parameters that make up the base of our winery.

We have preferred to improve our product before even marketing it, until now, when we have found the secret of the best wine. Hence, we also make cut runs of no more than 2,000 bottles to take care of every detail of the wine.
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